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This long weekend is an opportunity for Canadians to reflect; to discuss their role in genocide and to amplify Indigenous issues in privileged spaces that have historically been closed to Indigenous voices.  It is also an opportunity to visit with family, to celebrate what is good in this young and troubled nation. 

An Elder once said, “Creator gave us the gift of this good life, and it’s our choice to walk each day with joy and gratitude”.  Celebrate what is joyous to you, acknowledge what you feel gratitude for. Pause. Reflect.

Canadians can choose to celebrate, and Indigenous people can grieve, and this can be done side-by-side. The Haudenosaunee people and early settlers created a road map for sharing the bounty of this land; a path to being two nations traveling side-by-side.

This covenant was recorded in the Two Row Wampum which symbolizes two vessels: one boat is the canoe holding the Haudenosaunee way of life, laws, and people. The other is a European ship complete with their laws, religion, and people. These boats travel together on a shared river, respecting each other as different and distinct.

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