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On Tuesday November 1, 2022 a new United Church was born after much discernment, many meetings and thoughtful planning.  These three congregations, Alma United Church, Bethany United Church and Elora United Church, joined to create Hope Springs United Church.  
Amalgamations of United Churches are occurring frequently during times of dwindling attendance and support; these three have been historic centres of faith in their Centre Wellington Ontario communities, dating back to the 1830's and 40's.  The mission of our churches is evolving and we all move ahead as the changing role of religion and the secularization of society; just as a person's faith grows and evolves as new life experiences and questioning accompany us on our faith journey.
Bethany and Elora United Churches have a special connection with RHUC as one of our former ministry students,  Rev. Greg Smith-Young, ordained in June, 1996, has been their minister since 2004.  "I find it very significant and meaningful that Hope Springs came into being on All Saints Day; as we remember those of the faith who have gone before us and made a path, the church continues with people of faith leading the way to the future." Submitted by Donna Smith.