THE BOARD'S mandate is to focus on strategic priorities while keeping a "whole church" perspective.  Chair of the Board,  DJ McCready,

OPERATIONS COMMITTEE is chaired by the vice-chair of the Board, and focuses on the day to day operations, supports projects and responds to urgent situations.  Chair of Operations Doug Loweth,

FORUMS - ensure that the committess and groups which are part of RHUC have a voice on the Board.  The three forums are 1)Leadership & Congregational Development - contact Carolyn You,  2) Worship, Music & Spiritual Formation - contact Howe Foo,  3) Outreach & Social Justice, Ralph Dunam

FINANCE COMMITTEE – This Committee is represented on the Board and meets independently on a regular basis as stewards of the Church’s financial resources on behalf of the congregation. Alongside the Treasurer, the Committee ensures compliance with government legislation and with policies and procedures regarding financial matters. At the Annual Congregational Meeting, the congregation is informed of the previous year’s financial results and votes on the annual budget for the current year.  

Treasurer, Dianne Mcleod,

Chair of Finance Committee, Julie Horne,