The United Church offers the sacrament of baptism to all ages: from infants to adults. We believe that God’s love is freely given, and it is this gift which we acknowledge through the ceremony of baptism.  This ancient tradition is a rite which uses water as a symbol of new life within the church family.

Parents who wish to have their child baptised are invited to experience worship at Richmond Hill United Church, if they have not already done so.  The next step is to arrange to meet with the minister for a conversation  about the promises that will be made both by the parents and the congregation.  Contact Karen Dale [minister]



At Richmond Hill United Church we see people as unique, loved creations of God and welcome all people to the full life of Christian community, which includes marriage. We celebrate the marriage of - 

  • couples of all gender combinations
  • previously divorced people
  • couples with differing religious backgrounds.

Contact Karen Dale [minister]



A human life is sacred. It is sacred in its being born. It is sacred in its living. And it is sacred in its dying.

It is a privilage to be invited to walk with families and friends as they mourn the death of a loved one.  In the planning of a funeral service, a safe space is created to mourn: through tears and laughter, words and music. 

Contact Karen Dale [minister]