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 What a wonderful Climate Service we had on November 20th!  Thank you to our youth, Evie and Harry, who participated and to Mary who shared about the changes she is working to initiate in her apartment building (reminding us that seniors are very capable climate activists!).  Maybe look into Seniors for Climate Action Now if you would like to be involved!  

After the service there were excellent conversations and people made many personal commitments.  Please let me know by email if you have questions about how to keep up with those commitments.  We are looking for people to carpool to church - let me know if you would like to be part of that way to reduce emissions and make friends.  You can send me an email if you would like a copy of the document with our personal commitments.   

Here are some of the actions people committed to work on:  

Talking About Climate:  Talk to friends, family, grandkids, …  write to MPP

Consuming Less:  shorter showers, buy fewer things that I don’t need Food: 

Veggie meals once a week, choose organic and local,

WASTE LESS (check fridge and pantry once every few weeks to see what needs using)

Planting:  plant gardens and native plants, even on balconies

Buildings:  replace windows, unplug appliances and turn off lights, lower thermostats (as I write this my windows are being replaced with efficient ones!)

Transportation:  our next car will be electric, walking or biking short distances  

Next Steps:  Please look for resources for up-to-date information on various climate issues., for example

Share your opinion on the Bill 23 which proposes property tax increases and development on the protected portions of the Greenbelt) with your MPP that would be fantastic.   

Check out the Shining Waters Region website Ecological Justice page where networking meetings on various climate actions will be held in the coming spring - connecting churches across our region.  On this page you can view the first of these networking meetings a link to some resources.

One last ask:  please keep talking about the climate situation with family and friends, especially over the holiday.  Talk with hope - asking people to commit to changing how they heat their homes and water (heat pumps and electric water heaters) how they move (walk, bike, use transit, buy electric vehicles) ways to reduce food waste emissions over this holiday, here is a link for baked acorn squash  

Share your ideas!  Thank you, Esther